| About Me |


Disclaimer** I love to write. Like, ALOTTTT.

I’m also a lover of all things pastel, farmhousey, paint-chipped, floral printed, Fixer Upper-ed, caffeinated, carbohydrated, sentimental, adventurous, simplistic, and real-life. I aspire to inspire everyone I meet with my genuine, witty, becoming-of-age, self-discovering, and most of all heart-felt words – words that are often easier for me to express all written out rather than spoken aloud. So, this blog is dedicated to document all the “aha” or “lightbulb” moments I encounter in my twenties.

And trust me when I say, there have been PLENTY of them so far.

So, welcome aboard my personal and spiritual journey as I trek through this thing they call “adulthood”.

This is MY revelation story, through the eyes of my twenty-something adolescence…


| Even More |

Happy  farm wife to my high school sweetheart, mommy-to-be, the (really) eldest of three sisters, free-lance photographer, under-practiced pianist, coffee addict, music junky, flea-market guru, MSU graduate (GO BEARS!), and a first-year high school agricultural education teacher are some of my most well-known titles.

Oh, and did I mention coffee addict?





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